10th International Vacuum Insulation Symposium

Volume 16, Number 2, June 2011

Stay up-to-date on the latest developments in vacuum insulation panel (VIP) technology and its applications in the construction industry by attending the 10th International Vacuum Insulation Symposium (IVIS-X), Advances in Applications.

IVIS-X 2011 will provide a platform for international researchers, manufacturers, builders, architects, design engineers, energy managers and other stakeholders to exchange information about advances in VIP technology that promise to accelerate the use of VIPs in North American construction. NRC-IRC’s Building Envelope group is a leader in VIP research and is hosting the symposium on behalf of the construction industry in Canada.

The last IVIS, held in London, UK (2009), highlighted the importance of vacuum insulation technology in the context of climate change and energy efficiency.

As the countdown to IVIS-X 2011 continues, regular updates will be posted to the website www.ivis2011.org.

For more information

Contact Phalguni Mukhopadhyaya at 613-993-9600 or phalguni.mukhopadhyaya@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca.