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Access to the NRC virtual store is currently unavailable. We appreciate your patience at this time. For ordering information please contact:

The NRC virtual store is your one-stop shop for a number of free and priced NRC products and services. You can either order online in a fast, convenient and secure way, or through the listed call centres. If you are a Federal Government Department or Agency, please contact the listed call centres.

Our current offerings through the NRC virtual store:

The list includes NRC construction publications and NRC certified reference materials.

Construction publications

NRC offers the 2010 National Building, Fire and Plumbing Codes and the 2011 National Energy Code for Buildings as well as other technical documents.

To order or for enquiries

Construction publications

Toll-free: 1-800-672-7990
Telephone: 1-613-993-2463 (Ottawa-Gatineau and outside of Canada)
Fax: 1-613-952-7673

Certified reference materials

NRC is internationally recognized as a producer of a variety of certified reference materials (CRMs) related to Marine Biosciences and Measurement Standards. They are invaluable tools for national and international research programs and analytical laboratories.

To order or for enquiries

Biotoxin CRMs

Measurement science and standards
1411 Oxford Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 3Z1

Inorganic and organic CRMs

Measurement science and standards
1200 Montreal Road
Building M-36, Room 1206
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0R6
Telephone: 1-613-993-2359