Ice tank (IT)

The Ice Tank

Length - 21m
Width - 7m
Maximum depth - 1.1m
Temperature - Down to ‑20 ° C
Ice Carriage - Fresh-water and model ice up to 0.6m thick
Waves - Long-crested irregular waves with significant heights up to 0.15m
Beaches - Passive wave absorbers
Data acquisition - Up to 64 channels at 1000 samples per second

The NRC Ottawa ice laboratory is a versatile ice modelling facility that has been used to study dozens of ice related problems. The staff has developed international recognition for their work in modelling ice and ice problems. The temperature inside the chamber can be varied down to ‑20°C. It houses a concrete tank which is 21m long by 7m wide by 1.1m deep equipped with both a towing and a service carriage. Ice up to 0.6m thick can be grown in this tank. The ice tank is used for many types of studies, including model tests of ice‑structure interaction using model ice. The tank can accommodate a wave machine, producing a wave climate in different ice regimes. Recently, the tank has also been used to investigate the effects of ice scouring seabed material.


Noel Murphy
Telephone: 709-772-4939