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Targeted industries

Infrastructure, construction, defence and security, environmental management and technologies, information and communication technologies, and public utilities.


Research facility highlights

Image of the  Structural Testing System

Structural Testing System

The National Research Council (NRC) facility offers integrated testing and life cycle performance evaluation for concrete infrastructure systems using excellent small- and full-scale testing facilities, sophisticated measurement tools and equipment to evaluate the performance prediction, design, rehabilitation, and management of buried utilities and concrete structures.

What we offer

NRC offers a new facility for integrated testing of life cycle performance of concrete infrastructure systems available for multi-year, on-site experiments on concrete structures and utilities across Canada. This testing facility allows for large capacity testing and impact testing to evaluate new technologies and remediation options for damaged infrastructure.

In addition, we offer a state-of-the-art facility and analytical capabilities for testing water quality. Our facility provides you with the ability to study water quality deterioration in old pipes, determine the mechanisms of deterioration, and provide solutions to maintain the water quality in existing distribution systems. It can also be used to test and develop drinking water treatment processes, advanced infrastructure materials and innovative monitoring techniques.

Why work with us

Working with NRC testing facilities, you benefit from our breadth of knowledge, our extensive network of industry and academic experts and expertise, and our world class facilities. In addition, our testing facilities are designed to help you assess life cycle and performance in key infrastructure: helping you to improve product lifespan, prevent or pre-empt costly repairs, and identify the optimum approach and materials to be used for infrastructure rehabilitation and maintenance.


Testing is available on a competitive fee for service basis developed based on client testing requirements. Contact us for more information.


Tony Jenkins
Telephone: 613-990-8084