National Institute for Nanotechnology (NINT)

Marie D'Iorio

Executive Director

Marie D'Iorio

NINT is a joint initiative between the Government of Alberta, the University of Alberta, and the Government of Canada through the National Research Council: National Institute for Nanotechnology

As an enabling technology, nanotechnology offers evolutionary improvements to today’s state-of-the-art applications and the potential for revolutionary changes on a longer time scale. Established as a partnership between NRC, the University of Alberta and the Government of Alberta, the National Institute for Nanotechnology (NINT) devises nano-enabled solutions that meet scalability, integration, manufacturability and environmental health and safety requirements for product development.

NINT focuses on the translation of nanotechnology breakthroughs into scalable materials, processes and manufacturable prototypes for industrial clients. Its multi-disciplinary collaborative model aims to drive the adoption of nanotechnologies by Canadian industry, to help bring innovations to market through strategic and client-driven technical services and to create Canadian prosperity through the responsible deployment of nanotechnologies.


The National Institute for Nanotechnology will be a global leader in nanotechnology recognized for its people, partnerships and performance in creating Canadian prosperity through responsible deployment of nanotechnologies.


Transform nanoscience ideas into novel, sustainable nanotechnology solutions with socioeconomic benefits for Canada and Alberta.

Strategic plan

In its first decade, the National Institute for Nanotechnology built a world class facility and hired top talent to launch Canada into the world of nanotechnology. In its first decade, NINT leveraged its interdisciplinary team to reveal the unique nanoscale properties of engineered materials and nature's own biological materials and to understand how these could be developed for sectoral applications from nano-inks for electronics to biomarkers for drug screening.

The next decade will prove to be even more exciting as NINT leverages the significant federal and provincial investments to put nanotechnologies to the service of industry. By seeking an understanding of industry's challenges and working collaboratively to develop technologies that can be deployed as commercial products, NINT will position Alberta as the Canadian leader in nanotechnology.

NINTs Strategic Plan focuses on ‘Canadian prosperity through nanotechnology' by choosing key technology challenges, organizing for impact and leveraging partnerships. NINT has set goals that underpin the enhancement of Canadian prosperity:

  1. increasing the competitiveness of Canadian companies
  2. creating technology solutions to meet the needs of society
  3. expanding transformative programs to train the next generation of researchers and entrepreneurs
  4. enhancing our stature as global leaders in nanotechnology.