Energy generation and storage


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Value proposition

Deploy technology that will provide 100W-hr/kg of renewable energy storage capacity in the marketplace by 2021; in order to support local energy supply, by 2015, demonstrate organic photovoltaics with 10% energy conversion efficiency lasting 20,000 hours.

The opportunity

The primary source of renewable energy with the scalability needed to supply future global energy needs is the sun. But solar power is a dilute resource, never amounting to more than a few hundred Watts per square meter. The challenge is to transform sustainable energy into useable power. This requires new energy storage technologies that scale to high volume at low cost, and it is here that manipulation of materials at the nanoscale is an enabling ability. By combining next generation solar generating capacity with novel storage solutions, we aim to move remote communities onto local, renewable power systems, reduce the overall carbon footprint of the country and reduce load on the national grid.

For the storage of renewable power, electrochemical supercapacitors have key advantages over batteries in that they have a significantly higher power density and can operate in a higher range of temperatures. Historically what has precluded a market penetration on the same wide scale as batteries is a correspondingly much lower energy density and high cost. With improved technologies based on novel nanomaterials, supercapacitors with much higher energy densities are being developed. NINT is strategically positioned to support companies in developing: large-scale stationary off-grid household and grid load leveling; and hightemperature portable, and large-scale heavy equipment and automotive supercapacitors. As compared to the small-scale microelectronics-centred supercapacitor market, the largescale market is experiencing rapid growth due to emerging applications that both compete with and complement batteries and internal combustion engines.


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