Lightweighting of Ground Transportation Vehicles program

To reduce the weight of vehicles and automotive parts, aluminium has proven to be an excellent lightweight material with great potential. The Lightweighting of Ground Transportation Vehicles (LGTV) program develops, validates and deploys aluminium products and components that are responsive to the needs of the ground transportation industry.

Acting as a catalyst for cutting-edge innovations and tailor-made solutions, the program offers access to state-of-the-art facilities and Canada’s most advanced expertise in aluminium forming, assembling, corrosion control and performance validation. With collaborators across the Canadian supply chain, the LGTV program aims to reduce R&D risks and provide Canadian companies with a competitive-edge in stimulating the adoption of new and innovative lightweighting technologies.


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Targeted industries

Recreational vehicles, light-duty vehicles (cars, vans and pickups), heavy duty vehicles (buses, trucks, trailers and specialized vehicles), public transport, rail industry (passenger and freight).


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