Industrial biomaterials

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Targeted industries

Automotive, surface transportation, construction, material supply chain.


Concord, Ontario

"NRC is world‑renowned for their understanding and expertise in bioplastics. Working with NRC sets the stage for significant technology breakthroughs that would be unachievable if we both worked independently. It's Canadian collaboration and innovation in action."
Toby Reid, Founder & CEO, Solegear Bioplastics

NRC works with key collaborators from across the biomaterials supply chain to develop high quality, sustainable and cost‑effective non‑food biomass‑based materials. Our leading‑edge facilities and unique expertise strengthen the industry's competitive advantage in bio‑sourced polymers and composites manufacturing, enabling businesses to create new products and new markets, in Canada and internationally.

Partnership opportunities

There are several ways to partner with NRC. We welcome collaborators from across the biomaterials supply chain, including seed and crop developers, growers, plant and resin processors, and industrial product developers and manufacturers.

NRC also works with key stakeholders in government and public research to develop new technologies that will transform biomass residues and byproducts from the agriculture and forest sectors into value‑added biomaterials.

NRC's Industrial Biomaterials Flagship program empowers manufacturers to address areas of major public concern, such as the environment, economic development and climate change to meet the growing worldwide demand for plastic and composite materials that yield lighter, stronger, and lower‑cost products especially for the automotive, surface transportation and construction sectors. By converting Canadian biomass into high quality, eco‑friendly products, we enable manufacturers to reduce their expenses, energy consumption and raw material usage, while improving their offering to customers.

Partner benefits

NRC conducts Canada's most comprehensive activities on industrial biomaterials. With our leading‑edge expertise, infrastructure and equipment, we are uniquely positioned to address the technology needs of the manufacturing industry as well as the entire biomaterials supply chain.

Partners of NRC's Industrial Biomaterials Flagship program benefit from world‑class facilities, unparalleled expertise and access to the latest innovations in industrial biomaterials. By collaborating with us, our partners will be able to optimize processes and products as well as increase competitiveness and profits while meeting performance requirements and delivering high‑quality products.

Other services and facilities

NRC also offers a wide range of industrial biomaterials services and facilities on an individual, fee‑for‑service basis.


Nathalie Legros
Telephone: 450-641-5866