Algal Carbon Conversion Flagship

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Targeted industries

Steel, pulp & paper, oil & gas, energy, manufacturing.



NRC Technical Officer Dr. Kyoung Park poses beside a NRC-developed "Brite-Box" photobioreactor.

NRC's Algal Carbon Conversion (ACC) Flagship will provide Canadian industry with a cost‑competitive, value‑generating solution to divert CO2 emissions into algal biomass, which can then be processed into biofuels and other marketable products. The flagship initiative represents an opportunity to address the environmental, energy and economic issues associated with industrial emissions by exploring how CO2 emissions can be sustainably and profitably converted by algae into valuable products, without displacing food crop resources.


If you're interested in sustainably managing CO2 emissions, expanding your network or knowledge base, accessing our advanced scientific infrastructure or connecting with our experts, contact:

Stephen O'Leary, PhD, Director, Algal Carbon Conversion Flagship Program

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