Algal Carbon Conversion program

The Government of Canada is committed to addressing the issue of CO2 emissions while simultaneously generating economically and environmentally-sustainable opportunities for Canadian companies. The Algal Carbon Conversion (ACC) flagship program positions Canada as a world leader in converting carbon dioxide emissions into algal biomass, renewable biofuels and other value-added products through integrated algal biorefineries.

The ACC program addresses a number of factors which influence the commercial potential of ACC technology, including identifying the most appropriate algae strains for industrial deployment, increasing the productivity and reducing energy costs of photobioreactors, identifying ways to reduce energy costs for processing algal biomass and assisting in the development of high-value, sustainable products from algal biomass. The full impacts of this initiative are projected to lead the deployment of enough algal biorefinery facilities to divert up to 20% of Canadian carbon dioxide emissions from large final emitters by 2060.

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Stephen O'Leary, PhD, Director, Algal Carbon Conversion Flagship Program

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Steel, pulp & paper, oil & gas, energy, manufacturing.


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