Imaging, fluorescence and microscopy facility

Technical service highlights

We offer imaging, fluorescence and microscopy services including flow cytometry, high throughput DNA, and RNA and protein measurements.

What we offer

We offer state-of-the art equipment and services, including:

  • ImageXpress Micro XLS High Content Screener for bioactivity discovery, efficacy and safety assessment using automated high throughput cellular imaging
  • High sensitivity multi-color flow cytometry, cell sorting, and related outcomes including live/dead analysis, detection of apoptosis, protein expression, cell cycle analysis, and cytometric bead arrays
  • Rapid detection of thousands of genes using a microarray scanner (Axon GenePix 4200A) equipped with 4-lasers for high performance quantitative imaging of commercial or custom arrays
  • Multiplex, rapid quantitative analysis of up to 50 target genes, DNA fragments, RNA, peptides or proteins within a single sample using a Luminex Magpix system
  • Time lapsed imaging of live cell shear flow assays including wound healing, adhesion and migration using a Fluxion BioFlux 200 system

Why work with us

Our team has extensive experience in imaging, fluorescence and microscopy. We can provide customized solutions, with a focus on high throughput, cost efficiency and quality control.


Contact us to discuss how our technical and research experts can help your organization meet its research and business objectives. We offer fee-for-service testing for the development of new technologies, services, and product lines. We can also develop customized research plans to it your technology needs. These plans can be delivered through research service or collaborative research arrangements.


Paul Neima
Telephone: 902-566-7444

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Contact us

For information about these imaging, fluorescence and microscopy technical services:

Paul Neima
Telephone: 902-566-7444

Targeted industry

Agriculture, Biotechnology, Horticulture, Government, Academia


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