Flight test and evaluation

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Eric Lefebvre, Portfolio Business Advisor
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Targeted industries

Aerospace, Energy, Military


Technical service highlights

Located at the Ottawa airport, NRC's flight test group maintains a fleet of research aircraft (rotary and fixed‑wing) to support research and technology developments in the areas of airborne research, flight mechanics and avionics.

What we offer

We are world leaders in experimental flight testing and our wide range of clients can access our services through fee‑for‑service testing, consultations, collaborative research and licensing opportunities.

Our team of engineers and research pilots specializes in performance evaluation, stability and control, modeling and simulation, handling qualities, human factors, aircraft operations, aeromagnetics, remote sensing and atmospheric studies. We develop novel test procedures and equipment where no current solutions exist and also provide instruction in flight test techniques and evaluation methods.

We are involved in several projects that assess aircraft handling qualities, in co‑operation with industry, government, and educational institutions. We can assess how new or modified equipment, new control augmentation laws and theories, or how degraded flight conditions can affect the performance of the pilot and the aircraft. We apply empirical techniques to carry out performance‑based usability assessments of new aircraft technologies, advanced information displays and novel control systems. Human physiological metrics are used to evaluate aircrew workload, stress and alertness. Our flight test group applies advanced statistical techniques and mathematical models to develop practical solutions for our clients and partners.

Why work with us

We support our clients with decades of operational experience and state‑of‑the-art experimental aircraft that can be customized to support the testing and demonstration of new technologies.

Our instrumentation and computing support staff is highly skilled at the development of aircraft‑based data acquisition systems, the integration of sensors, the use of ground‑based facilities, software development and the application of new computing technologies.

The on‑site aircraft maintenance staff keeps our aircraft in an airworthy state with special recognition for the demands and requirements placed on the aircraft by its research roles. The resident Design and Fabrication Services team provides the ability to quickly and safely modify the aircraft to meet the research needs of each client project, operating under special privileges provided to NRC by Transport Canada.

We also have extensive expertise in:

  • Alternative fuels research
  • Flight data recorder and playback centre
  • Icing formation, detection and mitigation


We offer fee‑for‑service testing at competitive rates that include the support of test pilots, technical experts, research officers and engineers. Depending on the nature of a client's request, we also offer research and business opportunities that can translate into collaborative agreements or consortia work. Contact us to discuss your options and develop a customized plan to fit your technology needs.


Eric Lefebvre, Portfolio Business Advisor
Telephone: 613-949-7548
Email: Eric.Lefebvre@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca
LinkedIn: Eric Lefebvre