Complaints, disputes, objections and appeals


CLAS records and investigates all complaints and carries out appropriate corrective and preventive actions. When these actions are unsatisfactory to the complainant, CLAS provides an appeal mechanism.


This policy applies to all complaints, disputes and appeals regarding CLAS activities.


  • All CLAS personnel are responsible for directing complaints, disputes and appeals to the Group Leader for review and action.
  • The Group Leader is responsible for the implementation of this policy, for carrying out investigations and recording the results and follow-up. The Group Leader may delegate these responsibilities where appropriate.
  • The Quality System Coordinator is responsible for maintaining records of the appeal.
  • The Group Leader is responsible for reviewing appeals, recording and reporting the results to the CLAS Technical Advisor; and, for forwarding the appeal and CLAS investigation results to SCC (PALCAN) for action under CAN-P-15. The Group Leader is also responsible for assisting SCC with the formal investigation and hearing.
  • The Group Leader is responsible for reviewing appeals by an applicant laboratory to the appointment of any member of the assessment team. The Group Leader is also responsible for resolving such appeal in consultation with higher management and communicating the results to the client/applicant laboratory.
  • Upon notice of an appeal on critical assessment decisions, the CLAS Technical Advisors are responsible for suspending assessment activities pending the completion of the appeal process and pending confirmation that the customer wishes to proceed with the certification process.

CLAS has a procedure for dealing with complaints that include:

  • assessing the validity of the complaint
  • ensuring that a complaint concerning an accredited calibration laboratory is first addressed by the laboratory, where appropriate
  • taking appropriate actions and assessing the effectiveness of those actions
  • recording all complaints and actions taken, and
  • responding to the complainant and informing about the right to appeal

In all cases, reasonable actions are taken to resolve the issue. Actions depend upon the magnitude of the issue and the risks encountered. If the criticism is SCC related, the Group Leader refers the investigation to SCC. The Group Leader informs the complainant that the issue will be handled by SCC.

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