Automotive and surface transportation

Building on Canada's excellent reputation for turning research into innovative solutions, NRC Automotive and Surface Transportation can help you take ideas from concept to commercialization. With a proven track record, unmatched research, development and demonstration capabilities and access to innovation support, NRC has earned a reputation as a valued contributor to the automotive and surface transportation sector including: passenger vehicles, heavy-haul and light rail, heavy-duty trucking fleets, specialized military vehicles, and first response vehicles.


NRC Automotive and Surface Transportation performs research, technology development and demonstration aimed at helping the entire automotive supply chain, providing technology solutions ranging from targeted component development, advanced manufacturing process and prototype development, evaluation and testing, fuel efficiency, aerodynamic performance, power management, vehicle intelligence, climatic challenges, safety, and environmental impact.

NRC Automotive and Surface Transportation offers a wide range of expertise, but focuses our innovation efforts on the following:

  • Advanced Manufacturing and Design Systems
    Developing innovative technologies aimed at enhancing product design and reducing the costs and the time required to design, develop and manufacture products for Canadian automotive parts industry.
  • Fleet Forward 2020
    Advancing the performance, lowering the maintenance and operation costs and boosting productivity of ground vehicle fleets in trucking and mining, military and public transport sectors.
  • Industrial Biomaterials
    Developing high quality, sustainable and cost-effective non-food biomass-based materials for automotive and surface transportation, construction and biomass supply industry sectors.
  • Lightweighting of Ground Transportation Vehicles
    Developing, validating and deploying key processing and manufacturing technologies to create advanced aluminium and multi-materials components for the entire supply chain of the Canadian surface transportation.
  • Rail Vehicle and Track Optimization
    Improving the safety and the operational efficiency of the Canadian railway industry through rail vehicle engineering solutions, vehicle track interaction services and track maintenance planning.
  • Vehicle Propulsion Technologies
    Improving the efficiency of internal combustion engines and delivering advanced propulsion technologies through vehicle hybridization and electrification.

The NRC advantage

NRC supports Canadian vehicle manufacturers and their supply chain by strengthening their research and technology development, product innovation and manufacturing process capabilities to achieve commercially viable products and systems. Our focus is on:

  • improving vehicle lightweighting through the use of aluminum and biomaterials as an alternative to steel and traditional plastics;
  • enhancing the energy efficiency of propulsion systems through advanced engineering design of systems and manufacturing processes;
  • working with parts suppliers to reduce component design times by leveraging design-to-manufacture software;
  • improving fabrication process efficiency through process simulation and optimization;
  • fabrication cost reduction through functional prototyping, low cost tooling and tool repair;
  • lowering manufacturing costs attributed to vehicle electrification;
  • reducing the incidence of derailments;
  • enhancing the safety of vehicles and their operators;
  • reducing maintenance costs associated with vibration and accelerated wear; and
  • improving the operational efficiency of vehicles under all environmental conditions.

In addition, we specialize in delivering value-added engineering and testing services to the spectrum of transportation industry.

Working with us

NRC Automotive and Surface Transportation has a well-established history of working with clients by providing them with leading edge research, technical and engineering services, and developing innovative technology solutions that solve their materials & manufacturing challenges

Our unique facilities provide our clients with cutting edge infrastructure that is routinely leveraged to tackle the most challenging product development needs, engineering challenges and product testing requirements. NRC recognizes that having timely access to such facilities is essential for our client's success in this highly competitive and global industry.

NRC Automotive and Surface Transportation's strength lies in its multidisciplinary team of over 300 experts. Tap into our highly experienced and specialized staff that includes technical experts, researchers, metallurgists, physicists, chemists, software designers, programmers, and engineers in the fields of automotive systems and components, engines, batteries, fuel cell, chemistry, structures, materials, manufacturing and systems.

This world-class research infrastructure and unique expertise, customizable service options and high ethical standards make us the ideal technology choice to support your vision with innovative services and solutions.

How to work with us?

NRC offers an array of R&D facilities and access to highly specialized scientific, technical and commercialization experts. NRC develops and transfers technologies through consortia, collaborative research contracts, services agreements and licensing arrangements, tailoring business opportunities to the needs of individual clients, partners and licensees. Contact us to develop a project to meet your R&D challenges.


Jason Pierosara , Portfolio Business Advisor
Telephone: 613-998-9378
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