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The Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes is responsible for the development of the National Model Construction Codes. NRC publishes the Codes and, through the Canadian Codes Centre, ensures that the best available knowledge from across Canada and around the world is brought to bear on their development. NRC also publishes several User's Guides for the Codes as well as some provincial codes.

To order the National Model Construction Codes, visit the NRC virtual store. Most are available through online subscriptions. Printing is disabled for the electronic Codes and Guides.

National Model Construction Codes


Photo of NECB 2011 book cover


Photo of NBC, NFC and NPC book covers (2010 editions)


Photo of NBC, NFC and NPC book covers (2005 editions)


Revisions and errata

To obtain revisions and errata for the 2010 and 2005 Codes, please contact:
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Supplementary documents

User's guides

Intent Statements

To obtain the following supplements, please contact:
NRC Construction, Codes Technical Support
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  • Supplement to the NBC 2010: Intent Statements
  • Supplement to the NFC 2010: Intent Statements
  • Supplement to the NPC 2010: Intent Statements
  • User's Guide – NBC 2005, Application and Intent Statements
  • User's Guide – NFC 2005, Application and Intent Statements
  • User's Guide – NPC 2005, Application and Intent Statements


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