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Tips for Building Water Supply Systems

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Here are some ideas to help you learn more about your life-support system. Make sure you divide up the topics and share your findings on the Team Blog.

  • Examine the many uses of water on Earth.
  • Research to find out how water is used for energy.
  • Record the amount of water used for one day for one person here on Earth. How would this compare to your needs on Mars?
  • Calculate how much water is used by one household over the course of a week, a month and a year. Discuss methods for reducing this amount (such as showers versus baths).
  • Find out how much it costs to use this amount of water (water bills). Survey other Marsville sites to see the differences.
  • Examine different methods of producing water on Earth.
  • Conduct experiments on condensation and evaporation. Pose challenges to other water supply teams using the Team Blog.
  • Look at how water is created on the space shuttle and the International Space Station. Can the same methods be used on Mars?
  • How does the lower gravity of Mars affect water circulation? Invite a scientist or engineer to class to help you create water circulation devices.
  • Work with simple hydraulic systems to discover how water can be used as a form of energy. How suitable are these methods for the Mars environment?
  • Look at water management programs in the community (reservoirs, holding tanks, lake water). How do different parts of the country manage their water supply? Explain the reasons for these different methods.
  • How can we alter water from the sea or oceans so that it can be used by humans? Can we do this on Mars?
  • Find out how Cartesian wells work. Ask an on-line mentor for assistance.
  • Look at how people in desert environments survive with a minimum amount of water resources. How have desert animals adapted to survive in these conditions?
  • Work with the other system teams to discover what water supply needs must be taken into account for the Marsville settlement.