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Tips for Building Communication Systems

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Here are some ideas to help you learn more about your life-support system. Make sure you divide up the topics and share your findings on the Team Blog.

  • Research forms of communication systems used throughout history.
  • Investigate the development of voice communication, written communication, fibre optics, Internet, etc.
  • Research common methods of communication in use now and the technology needed to support them. Consult with on-line mentors.
  • Develop a variety of written codes and send coded messages to other CNM participants using the Team Blogs. Challenge them to come up with answers and create a new code of their own. Devise a "Canadian Code" that would allow all CNM participants to communicate confidentially.
  • Invite a guest speaker to discuss the topic of telecommunications and how the technology is changing the way the world operates.
  • Investigate communication devices used by physically challenged individuals to help them in their daily lives.
  • Invite people who do mouth paintings or use Bliss symbol boards for communication to your class to discuss what features are needed in such a design.
  • Investigate sign language and learn to communicate using this method. Why would this skill be useful on Mars?
  • Survey the class, school and CNM participants across Canada to find out how many languages are spoken.
  • Citizens of Marsville will be from every part of the world. Develop a new language for Mars and send messages to other Martian explorers.
  • Create coded systems to be used in Marsville such as special graphics that represent different areas within the colony. Design these on the computer and post your diagrams on your Team Blog. Challenge others to determine the meaning of each representation.
  • Watch NASA videotapes of early Moon landings to discover how astronauts communicated with each other on the lunar surface and also with their Apollo spacecraft.
  • Research the use of different types of communication and weather satellites. Find out how these satellites send information back to Earth.
  • Write the script for a news report about the first landing on Mars and post in the Team Blog.
  • Invent new musical instruments suitable for the Martian environment.
  • Work with the other system teams to see what communication needs they will require.