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Tips for Building Air Supply System

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Here are some ideas to help you learn more about your life-support system. Make sure you divide up the topics and share your findings on the Team Blog.

  • Research the atmosphere of Mars and compare it to Earth's atmosphere.
  • Conduct experiments to calculate how much oxygen is given off by different types of plants.
  • Find out if additional oxygen sources might be available in the settlement. Discuss your ideas with the food production and delivery teams.
  • A process called electrolysis can separate water into hydrogen gas and oxygen gas. Another process is being developed to extract oxygen from rocks and soil that contain it. Can these processes be used on Mars?
  • Look at how other societies have used wind power (windmills, etc) to create energy. How can this be used on Mars?
  • Create a new system for recording the wind speeds on Mars - use the Beaufort Wind Chart as a guide.
  • Make wind chimes to signal an oncoming Martian wind storm. Think about the Martian climate when choosing materials. 
  • Think about how you will harness enery from the Martian wind and store the energy for use at a later date. Get ideas from the energy teams.
  • Investigate how air is circulated at home, in the school and large buildings. What are the difficulties encountered?
  • Explore various systems for cleaning the air inside buildings.
  • Experiment to see how you could filter the air on Mars to get rid of any dust and sand. Encourage other air supply teams across the country to make changes to your plans and conduct the experiment again.
  • Talk to an engineer about possibilities for re-circulating air within the Martian settlement. How will it be cleaned and purified?
  • Create portable air supply systems to be used when going outside the settlement (ie: working, traveling from one part of the settlement to another).   Send working plans to online mentors for suggestions.
  • Consult with the other system teams to see what air supply needs they are going to require.