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Science can be a fascinating career. Every day you get to ask questions and learn new things. You could make a major discovery or develop a technology that changes the world or saves lives!

Check out the information below to meet some of NRC's past and present scientists. You'll learn how they got there, what it's really like to work in a lab, and how you can become a scientist too!

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A Day in the Life...

Have you ever wondered what a scientist does on a regular day? Take a peek at the lives of everyday scientists working at NRC and get some insight into their research areas.

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Stéphanie Côté Astronomer Stéphanie Côté scans the cosmos to unravel the mysteries of dark matter.

Energy and Environment

Shabana Bhatti Shabana Bhatti works to bring biofuels made from marine algae to fuel tanks.
Serge Guiot Serge Guiot explores how to use bacteria to produce alternative energy.
Jalal Hawari Jalal Hawari studies how to use bacteria to clean up contaminated sites and make new "bio-products" that do not harm the environment.

Engineering and Construction

Andrew Cornett Andrew Cornett studies how to improve the design of ports, off-shore oil platforms and other coastal structures to ensure they withstand the impact of waves and tides.
Jennifer Veitch Jennifer Veitch examines how physical factors affect the health and well-being of office workers.
Don Leblanc Don Leblanc helps to make sure that our buses and trains are comfortable in all climate conditions.
Pamela Whitfield Pamela Whitfield studies the structure and properties of materials ranging from battery components to polymers and new mineral discoveries.
Nirmal Sinha Nirmal Sinha has studied everything from snow and ice to how aerospace materials perform at high temperatures.

Health Sciences

Lakshmi Krishnan Lakshmi Krishnan develops new vaccines against infectious diseases and cancer.
Ryan D'arcy Neuroscientist Ryan D'Arcy wraps his mind around the brain
Tedros Bezabeh Tedros Bezabeh studies how to apply magnetic resonance spectroscopy to detect cancer at a very early stage.
Rob Pon Rob Pon is busy exploring a hot new scientific niche – the role that sugars play in our immune system.
Malcolm McEwen Physicist Malcolm McEwen helps ensure that cancer patients receive just the right dose of life-saving radiation.

Information Technology / Photonics

James Gupta James Gupta develops lasers that can monitor air for dangerous gases.
Sylvain Charbonneau Sylvain Charbonneau directs a world-class facility that helps Canadian firms test advanced photonics devices.
Nabil Belacel Nabil Belacel develops algorithms that sort through medical data to help doctors make better decisions.

Ocean and Marine Science

Anne Barker Anne Barker explores how to improve the stability and safety of offshore structures in icy waters.
Santosh Lall Santosh Lall uses bioprospecting to find bioactive natural products in algae and seaweed.

Plant Biotechnology

Sue Abrams Organic chemist Sue Abrams seeks the control switches for a powerful plant hormone that regulates growth, development, and resistance to stress.

Famous NRC Faces

NRC's research labs have been the home to some of the world's greatest minds, including Nobel Prize winners. Read more about some of NRC's most famous employees.

Dr. Gerhard Herzberg, 1971 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Dr. Gerhard Herzberg
One of Canada's most famous scientists, Dr. Gerhard Herzberg is internationally recognized as the Father of Molecular Spectroscopy.
Dr. Hopps testing an early pacemaker prototype. Dr. Jack Hopps
Considered the Father of Biomedical Engineering in Canada, Dr. Hopps, an engineer at NRC, worked in collaboration with Dr. W.G. Bigelow and Dr. J.C. Callaghan in the development of the first cardiac pacemaker.
Dr. Harold Jennings has dedicated life-long work to develop a synthetic meningitis vaccine, effective and safe for all age groups. Dr. Harry Jennings
Until recently, there was no reliable vaccine for Meningitis-C, a disease that kills 10% of its victims and can cause permanent brain damage, deafness, or mental retardation in survivors.
Dr. Klein and an NRC colleague working on their prototype electric wheelchair. Dr. George J. Klein
Often cited as the most productive inventor in Canada in the 20th century George J. Klein worked at NRC for over 40 years. An inductee of the Canadian Science and Engineering Hall of Fame, Dr. Klein was known as a kind, generous, and modest man, as well as an exceptionally productive and creative inventor.

NRC and the Nobel Prize

Throughout the 20th century, NRC was a fertile ground for researchers making ground-breaking discoveries. Many scientists who have passed through the doors of NRC have been bestowed the honour of Nobel laureate.

Chemistry Milestones

Dr. Keith Ingold was a pioneer in understanding the role of Vitamin E in medicine and health as an antioxidant. He applied the chemistry of free radicals in living organisms.