Working for National Research Council Canada

NRC is a knowledge and innovation organization working to help Canadians achieve a high quality of life and enjoy a prosperous, innovative economy. NRC is a unique asset, both for Canada and throughout the world.

NRC spans the innovation spectrum, from research discovery at the frontiers of knowledge to technology commercialization. It addresses critical national issues and helps position Canada to respond to future opportunities and emerging challenges. It is a recognized international research performer, technology development and innovation organization.

NRC provides Canada's scientists and businesses with access to leading-edge research facilities and infrastructure, as well as the best scientific, technical, medical and research information in the world. These resources and contributions are critical to helping Canada develop a society that is adaptive, innovative and capable of providing the best quality of life for all Canadians.

NRC at a Glance

  • NRC employs over 3,500 researchers, technologists and support staff, and about 1,200 guest researchers.
  • Some 500 undergraduates from universities and colleges join NRC annually.
  • NRC has 260 industrial technology advisors in its Industrial Research Assistance Program.
  • NRC's virtual presence stretches even further - through partnerships, collaborations, national and international committees and networks where it participates on behalf of Canadian interests.

NRC is unique in its seamless integration of strategically focused research, national standards activities, scientific and technical information programs, and industrial research advice, assistance and innovation services.