Why choose NRC?

NRC is an Outstanding Employer of Outstanding People.

People – our employees and their capacity to serve partners, clients, and all Canadians.

As an organization, we are committed to pursuing innovative policies and programs to build an exciting and rewarding workplace that rivals the great research institutes of the world.

Our goal is that NRC will become the place to work, a badge of pride to be worn by those who have had the opportunity to spend time in our offices and labs.

If now is the time for a career change for you, consider building a future with us. We welcome your help in putting science at work for Canada.


Pride in our heritage, our people and our future.

"Staff here are proud of the sense of team work and collegiality, and excel in an environment where people are open and accepting of the expertise each individual can offer."
Dr. Keith Ingold

Dr. Keith Ingold
Research Officer, Security and Disruptive Technologies

Bring a dream and NRC will make it real.

"The unique test facilities and world class research program at NRC were instrumental in realising my dream of becoming the leading world expert in fire resistance."
Dr. Venkatesh Kodur

Dr. Venkatesh Kodur
Former NRC employee