Job Alert service


[updated: 2014‑09‑11] Please note that access to NRC careers pages, including the job alert service, is limited or unavailable due to a cyber intrusion on the IT infrastructure of the National Research Council of Canada. For more information, see NRC statements: Cyber intrusion at the National Research Council.

As a result, we cannot accept job applications by any method at this time. However, once the careers pages are back online, we will be reposting vacant positions with revised closing dates. We apologize for any inconvenience.

In order to make your job search easier, we have provided a pick-list of job categories and geographic locations in our Job Alert registration. You may select one or more of the job categories or geographic locations listed to be included in your job search. For location, if you would like to include all of the listed locations in your job search you must select "Any of the following locations".

The information provided is kept confidential.

The Delete function allows you to cancel your Job Alert entirely whenever you want.


You may choose to delete your Job Alert temporarily if you are planning to be away for an extended period.

Remember that you can always create / recreate your Job Alert at any time.

For additional assistance using this Job Alert service please contact us at our mailbox: