NRC Organizational Chart

NRC organizational chart (PDF, 457 KB)


Photo of John R. McDougall

Chief Audit and Evaluation Executive

Photo of Alexandra Dagger
Alexandra Dagger

Vice-President, Human Resources

Photo of Isabelle Gingras

Secretary General

Photo of Dick Bourgeois-Doyle

Vice-President, Engineering

Photo of Ian Potter

General Manager, Aerospace

Photo of Jerzy Komorowski

General Manager, Automotive and Surface Transportation

Photo of Michel Dumoulin

General Manager, Construction

Photo of Richard Tremblay

General Manager, Energy, Mining and Environment

Photo of Andrew Reynolds

General Manager, Ocean, Coastal and River Engineering

Photo of Terry Lindstrom

Vice-President, Emerging Technologies

Photo of Dan Wayner

General Manager, Information and Communications Technologies

Photo of François Cordeau

General Manager, Measurement Science and Standards

Photo of Alan Steele

General Manager, NRC Herzberg Astronomy and Astrophysics

Photo of Gregory Fahlman

General Manager, Security and Disruptive Technologies

Photo of Duncan Stewart

Vice-President, Life Sciences

Photo of Roman Szumski

General Manager, Aquatic and Crop Resource Development

Photo of Denise LeBlanc

General Manager (acting), Human Health Therapeutics

Photo of Bernard Massie

General Manager (acting), Medical Devices

Photo of Tristan Booth

Vice-President, Industrial Research Assistance Program

Photo of Bogdan Ciobanu

Executive Director, Pacific

Photo of Christopher Ryan
Christopher Ryan

Executive Director, West

Photo of Andrew McNaughton
Andrew McNaughton

Executive Director, Ontario

Photo of David Lisk
David Lisk

Executive Director, Quebec

Photo of Claude Attendu
Claude Attendu

Executive Director, Atlantic and Nunavut

Photo of Bradley C. Goodyear
Bradley C. Goodyear

Executive Director, National Office

Photo of Jason Charron
Jason Charron

Vice-President, Business and Professional Services

Photo of Maria Aubry

Director General (Assignment), Strategic Initiatives

Photo of Pam Bjornson
Pam Bjornson

Director General, Business Management Support

Photo of Elias Rafoul
Elias Rafoul

Director General, Communications

Photo of Andrew Norgaard
Andrew Norgaard

Director General (acting), Knowledge Management

Photo of Kathleen O'Connell
Kathleen O'Connell

Director General, Planning and Reporting Services

Photo of Gary Fudge
Gary Fudge

Director General, Government and International Relations

Photo of Judith Young
Judith Young

Vice-President, Corporate Management and Chief Financial Officer

Photo of Michel Piché

Director General, Administrative Services and Property Management

Photo of Frank Jefferies
Frank Jefferies

Director General (acting), Design and Fabrication Services

Photo of Pierre Mayette
Pierre Mayette

Director General, Finance

Photo of Gail McLellan
Gail McLellan

Director General (acting), Information Technology Services

Photo of Marc Dabros
Marc Dabros

Executive Director, Security

Photo of Tim Grubb